Frequently Asked Questions

Our most frequently asked questions when it comes to working with Guthrie's. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have a question outside of the items below.


Working With Guthrie's

Boutique, Opening Hours & Appointments

  • Where is your boutique located?

    Our boutique is located at 6c Kent St, Newmarket Auckland. We also have free parking available, please see the question below.

  • Do I need to book an appointment?

    While it isn’t strictly necessary we highly recommend booking an appointment. This  way we can give you our undivided attention and plan our appointments to avoid interruption.

  • How do I book an appointment?

    You can either call us on 09 309 8491, email us on or simply follow this link here to book an appointment online.

  • What are your opening hours?

    Our opening hours are as follows…

    • Monday : 10:00am – 4:00pm
    • Tuesday – Friday: 10:00am: 6:00pm
    • Saturday: 10:00am – 4:00pm
    • Sunday: 12:00pm – 4:00pm

    Our Boutique is closed on public holiday’s.

  • Do you have free parking?

    Yes, we have two hours complimentary parking in the Rialto Carpark. The entrance of the Rialto Carpark is directly opposite our boutique.

Our Materials

  • What precious metals do you use?

    At Guthrie’s we typically use 18 karat yellow and rose gold or platinum to craft our pieces. We are able to use 18 karat white gold upon request however we do not recommend this metal due to it’s on going need for rhodium plating.

    On some pieces we also offer 14 karat and 9 karat. We do not craft jewellery in silver or other metals.

  • What is the difference between white gold and platinum?

    Platinum is a more premium white precious metal alternative to white gold. Being 30% denser than white gold, it wears a lot more slowly, making it a very durable and ideal for lifetime items of fine jewellery.

    The other advantage of platinum is that unlike white gold that requires regular rhodium plating, platinum remains a constant silver grey colour.

  • Are your precious metals ethically sourced?

    Our gold and platinum is responsibly sourced from our trusted New Zealand and Australian metal merchants suppliers. These precious metals are recycled by the precious metal merchants we source our gold and platinum from.

  • What is rhodium plating?

    Rhodium plating is a process where 18 karat white gold is plated in rhodium to help maintain its white metal high shine finish.

  • What gemstones do you work with?

    For engagement rings we offer natural diamonds, sapphire, ruby and spinel.  These are the only gemstones we work with due to their hardness and suitability for wedding jewellery and everyday wear.

    For fine jewellery, we offer a wide variety of gemstones of which we can source for you.

  • Are your diamonds & gemstones ethically sourced?

    All of our diamonds are gemstones are ethically sourced and certified.  We only deal in GIA certified diamonds and kimberely certified conflict free gemstones.

    Our diamonds are purchased from major international diamond Global Sightholders, who buy directly from the large scale mining companies.

    These companies are major professional mining operations with 1st worth ethical and sustainable business practices.

    The Global sightholders are carefully elected and are held accountable to up-hold industry leading standards of professionalism and ethical standards.

    All of our gemstones are sourced through trusted suppliers with excellent transparency of trade practices.

  • Can I supply my own diamonds or gemstone?

    Unfortunately, we only work with diamonds and precious coloured gemstones that we have sourced ourselves. This is because our sourcing and acquisition of stones and the way we procure them, is a large part of what we do as a practice.

Finance & Payment Terms

  • What are your payment terms and options?

    We require a deposit on purchases $3000 and above. For purchases below this amount, we require payment on placing your order.

  • Can I purchase online?

    Yes, we frequently work with clients overseas via online video conference and can offer all of the same services as in store.

  • Are there duties and taxes?

    For international orders, we remove the New Zealand GST component of the price (15%), duties and taxes may be charged by customs overseas on your order and come at your cost.

  • Do you offer finance?

    Yes, we offer finance through Gilrose Finance. We are also able to offer interest free on some purchases.

  • Do you offer duty free purchases?

    You are able to purchase your fine jewellery item at a duty free purchase price.  This is dependent on you travelling out of New Zealand to be eligible for a duty free acquisition.

    We handle all the necessary paperwork required by Customs and your item is ready for collection at the designated Collection Point once you have cleared customs.

    There is a small handling fee applied by NZ Customs for the handling of your product.

Warranty & Insurance

  • Do you offer an extended warranty?

    Yes, Guthrie’s offers a lifetime warranty on all items we have created. For this warranty to be valid we do require ongoing inspection and maintenance which comes at a small cost to you. You can read more about this warranty here.

  • Do you offer valuations?

    We provide a complimentary in house valuation on all other pieces over $5000. This gives our clients peace of mind in receiving an independent value for their new acquisitions.

    We can also arrange an independent valuation upon request at an extra charge.

  • Do you recommend insurance?

    Yes, we do recommend your organise your own insurance for your item.

  • Can you deliver my item in New Zealand or overseas?

    We do offer an insured courier facility both throughout New Zealand and overseas at your cost.

  • Is my purchase insured during transit?

    All parcels are insured by us until they are signed for by the receiver.

Jewellery Maintenance

  • How to best care for my fine jewellery pieces?

    Regular cleaning and check up of your jewellery is a free service Guthries offers our clients for jewellery we have fabricated.

  • What maintenance is required?

    Like everything in life fine jewellery requires some maintenance, this typically consists of claw tightening and re-tipping. We inspect all of the claws every time you bring your item in for cleaning.

    Further maintenance such as resizing, rhodium plating for 18k white gold is typically required over the lifetime of your piece and comes at a small cost.

  • Can I clean my jewellery at home?

    Our suggestion is as follows…

    1. Prepare a solution of warm water and dish soap.
    2. Mix together about one cup of warm water with just a few drops of dish soap.
    3. Soak gold jewelry for up to five minutes. …
    4. Remove any stuck on grime with a soft toothbrush. …
    5. Rinse gold jewellery with running water.
  • How do I store my jewellery?

    We recommend you store your jewellery items separately, ideally in a soft-lined box or case, so that your favourite pieces don’t tangle, rub or scratch one another.

    Pearls in particular should be kept separately as they are easily scratched by hard gemstones.

    Make sure chains and necklaces are fastened when storing to avoid tangling.

    We strongly suggest you keep all valuable items in a secure jewellery storage box out of sight. Preferably a Safe.

  • Do you offer maintenance on other jewellery?

    Guthrie’s only offers any maintenance on jewellery that we have fabricated.