Design Your Own Bespoke Piece

At Guthrie's we've been crafting bespoke jewellery in Auckland for over 50 years. As a result we are experts in crafting a wide array of fine jewellery. We work with your inspiration to craft you a one of a kind item. Below we explain how our bespoke jewellery process works.

Initial Consultation for Guthrie's Bespoke Jewellery Service

1. Bespoke Jewellery Consultation

Meet with us in store or online to discuss what you have in mind to create. This is an exciting venture you are about to embark on. Having the guidance from us will allow you to define and refine your many options. Above all the aim of is to impart confidence and clarity on your decisions. Our bespoke jewellery process is enjoyable, inclusive and informative, meet with us in our Auckland studio.

Guthrie's Jewellers Source Diamonds & Precious Gemstones

2. Diamond or Gemstone Sourcing

Guthries have established and trusted relationships with diamond and precious gemstone dealers from around the globe. Because of these long standing procurement channels, we are able to deliver exceptional quality to you. We excel in supplying exceptional stones to meet our discerning buyers criteria. Our diamonds and gemstones are high in quality, value for money and carry all certification guarantees of ethical sourcing.

Bespoke Jewellery Design by Guthrie's Jewellers

3. We Present You a Design

After discussions, where you share your thoughts and expectations with us, we present a detailed design to you. This design enables you to see what your new commission will look like and gives confidence in your decision. The design can be seen from various angles and the proportions are exact. As a result you can see what the finished item will look like.

Unique Commissions 

Item of Jewellery Being Crafted by Guthrie's Jewellers

4. Crafted For You in Auckland City

We’ve been fabricating bespoke jewellery in Auckland for over 50 years. Every ring is made to order using production methods refined over generations. We spare no expense in terms of quality of materials. The fabrication process takes between 4 – 8 weeks depending on the complexity of your design.

We stand by our Life time guarantee – our products have a guarantee of workmanship.

Guthrie's Jewellers Packaging

5. Final Touches

From start to finish, we critique every stage of the journey of your new acquisition. We love the process of bringing to life your dream ring or fine jewellery. In addition our standards of quality control are extremely high. Our expert team pays great attention to detail at every stage.

We also offer complimentary cleaning and polishing on all of our creations, so your item is always looking it’s best.

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Start Your Journey Today

You’re ready to commission your bespoke jewellery, meet with us in our Auckland showroom, or online. This is an exciting venture you are about to embark on. It’s as easy as booking a consultation online, or give us a call to book in a time. We are here to assist you in defining your options and refining your choices. There is two hours free parking across the road from our easily accessible design studio in Newmarket.

It would be a pleasure to meet with you.

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