Our Lifetime Guarantee

About This Guarantee

Our mission statement at Guthries Jewellers is to produce beautiful jewellery that is made to last a lifetime. Every item of jewellery fabricated in our workshop is crafted to the highest possible standard and is free from faults and defects. To give you peace of mind, we offer a lifetime warranty on all craftsmanship and materials supplied by Guthries Jewellers. We stand by this guarantee for all our jewellery inspected by our jewellers yearly.

Jewellery Inspections

Jewellery inspections are the best way to ensure your item is kept at its absolute best. Inspections are entirely free of charge and we will polish your ring for you at the same time (also free of charge). Not only will your item be as shiny as new we will put this under our microscope.

Like anything in life, jewellery isn’t invincible, and will wear down over time. Small maintenance now can save you a lot of hassle in the future. When you bring your item to us we will also record this in our database, which is useful for insurance purposes.