Stackable Rings

Browse our range of stackable rings available to you in our Auckland studio. These rings give you so many options when choosing from our range.

The name; stackable’s is exactly as described. Fine bands that can be worn  independently as a single wear alone diamond ring. Alternatively, can be stacked with other ring designs. They come in alternative coloured gold such as rose, yellow or white gold.

Stackable rings give you design flexibility when choosing from the many options. Dress up your wedding set by adding a ring either side of your wedding and engagement ring. Introduce another coloured precious metal such as rose gold with white, which makes a lovely contrast to your existing rings and personalise your jewellery.

These stackable rings are fabricated using various diamond shapes which can be mixed and matched. Try round brilliant diamonds paired with emerald cut or baguette diamonds with marquise, to name a few. Most diamond shapes work well together.

Coloured stones such as rubies, emeralds or sapphires can be introduced to add colour, vibrancy and a point of difference to your set. In addition to the various colour golds, our stackable rings are available in different setting options such as channel set, claw set, bamboo styled gold, or detailing work, all add interest and individuality.