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Read our Diamond Shape Guide and find out what shape will suit you best.

Which Shape of Diamond Will Look Best on Your Hand?


Diamonds are cut in a variety of shapes, the most well known is the round brilliant cut, however there are other fantastic, beautiful and unique options. We’ve created this diamond shape guide to inform you of which shape will look best on your hand and more.

Each diamond shape has its own set of advantages, and disadvantages and diamond shape is one of the key factors in designing your ring.

A Round Brilliant Diamond Shape a on Hand
Round Brilliant Cut Diamond on Hand
Round Brilliant Diamond Set in Halo
Round Brilliant Cut Diamond in a Halo Design

Round Brilliant Diamond

Round brilliant is a classic option for all hand shapes, this diamond never goes out of fashion and is by far the most popular shape for diamond purchasers; chosen by half of diamond purchasers over the last five decades or more. 

A Round Brilliant cut diamond has 57 facets which is more than other cuts, resulting in more sparkle and scintillation than diamonds cut in other shapes.

Pear Shape Diamond Ring on Hand
Pear Shape Diamond on Hand
Pear Shape Diamond Engagement Ring
Pear Shaped Diamond with Side Stones

Pear Shape Diamond

The Pear Shaped Diamond is an elegant, timeless choice with a rounded side that narrows to a distinct point. This diamond shape suits clients with smaller ring sizes and has a tendency to elongate the finger.

Marquise & Baguette Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Shown on Hand
Marquise Cut Diamond on Hand
Marquise Cut Sapphire Ring with Pear Diamonds
Marquise Cut Sapphire Ring

Marquise Shape Diamond

The Marquise’s diamond shape is narrow, like an elongated eye giving a large visual for it’s carat weight. Its stunning large crown adds length and slenderness to the wearer’s finger.

Oval Cut Diamond Shape Guide
On Oval Cut Diamond in A Halo Setting
Oval Cut Diamond Shape Ring on Hand
Oval & Pear Diamond Ring on Hand

Oval Shape Diamond

The Oval Diamond, which has similar brilliance and fire to the Round Cut, is an exquisite choice for those who like to wear a unique shape. When compared to other shapes of the same carat, the Oval’s elongated silhouette gives it a larger appearance.

Emerald Cut Ring on Hand
Emerald Cut Diamond Ring On Hand
Emerald Cut Diamond Ring
Emerald & Baguette Cut Diamond Ring

Emerald Cut Diamond

The Emerald Cut’s large face or ‘table’, allows for a lot of reflections thanks to its long, straight lines or ‘steps.’ It’s often said the scintillation of an emerald cut diamond can be compared to a hall of mirrors. 

Due to their shape emerald cuts suit clients with larger ring size in particular, but are a great option for almost anyone.

Radiant Cut Diamond Shape Guide
A Radiant Cut Diamond on A Hand
Radiant Cut Diamond Ring in Platinum
Radiant Cut Diamond Halo Ring

Radiant Cut Diamonds

Due to the many facets found in the pavilion and crown, the Radiant Cut is a captivating choice. These characteristics provide a lot of brilliance and fire, comparable to an oval or even a round diamond.

Similar to emerald cut diamonds the shape of these suits clients with larger ring sizes.

Cushion Cut Diamond Shape Guide.
Cushion Cut & Oval Three Stone Diamond Ring
Cushion Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring
Cushion Cut Diamond Solitaire on Hand

Cushion Cut Diamonds

The final cut in our Diamond Shape Guide is the cushion cut. Similar in brilliance to a radiant cut diamond however with a vintage appeal with rounded corners in the shape of a cushion.

Cushion cut diamonds come in both square and rectangular ratios. The wider square shapes suit clients with larger finger sizes, whereas the elongated cushions suit a finer hand.