Ethical Sourcing Statement

Ethical Sourcing Statement

It’s extremely important to us that we only craft the most ethical jewellery possible. At Guthrie’s we ensure all of our diamonds are sourced ethically and are totally free from any conflict. All of our diamonds are sourced through suppliers who have continuously maintained ethical standards and have full transparency in their sourcing.

All of our diamonds can be traced from mine to consumer through various processes such as the Kimberly Process. The Kimberly Process, in partnership with the diamond industry as a whole is aligned with Governments around the world, and other organisations to uphold these standards.

Our diamonds are sourced from many places such as Africa, Russia & Canada and provide livelihoods for many people around the world, a large portion of the the proceeds from this are also invested back into the communities from where they are sourced.

We are very proud to say, we only supply the most ethical jewellery possible. We know it’s important to you that no one was harmed in the making of your item, so we are continuously looking at ways we can advance this further.

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