Our Ethos

So why choose Guthrie’s? Let us share with you, what is at the heart of what we do…


When your romance blooms into your personal love story; this is our ultimate inspiration. Whether you’re purchasing an engagement ring, or marking a special anniversary, finding the perfect piece of jewellery to acknowledge this; is what gives us purpose.


The sentiment behind giving and receiving to loved ones, is at the heart of everything we do, when creating family heirlooms. The tradition of crafting the finest jewellery for our clients to bestow on a loved one is both a privilege and an honour.


Quintessential style is both timeless and cutting edge. We know style is important to you, as indeed it is to us.  Keeping a fresh approach to design whilst maintaining a timeless and enduring style is a fine balance – something we are expert at.


A talented designer strives to create design that is timeless. A product that ages gracefully, desired and enduring over a lifetime is an heirloom by definition.


Individuality is what makes us all unique. When choosing an exquisite diamond shape and then having your influence on how this stone is set, is an empowering experience. The smallest detail can influence the visual quality and outcome of a design.

In Conclusion

Our ethos – and the reason why we take great pride in creating beautiful jewellery, is for you – who values quality, exclusivity and unique style. Each commission is crafted with thought and purpose – a one of a kind piece, an heirloom that you will treasure for a life time. We have been perfecting our craft for over 50 years.

Whether you’re purchasing an engagement ring, or marking a special anniversary, finding the perfect item of timeless and unique fine jewellery, is an experience rather than just an acquisition. You’ve put your heart into the decision, not just your head. There is an emotional connection – a “falling in love” with this special piece of fine jewellery, crafted for you both, for a very special purpose.

Get in touch with us today, it is truly your time to shine!