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Browse our portfolio of bespoke jewellery designs. Commissioned and crafted in Auckland City. Work with our talented designers on your next acquisition.

Emerald Cut Emerald in Yellow Gold

Emerald Italian Inspired Ring

A ring for all occasions. This Emerald Cut vivid green Emerald stone sits proudly in a simple setting of generous proportions of rich yellow 18ct gold.  […]

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Deco Inspired Emerald Halo Ring

They say green is the colour of envy.  Who could not envy this beautiful ring designed and fabricated for our client of some years for her significant […]

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Amethyst Dress Ring Crafted by Guthrie's Jewellers

Amethyst Dress Ring

An Amethyst Dress Ring, designed and crafted by Guthrie’s. This piece is set in an 18ct, golden rope style band with a split shank. This item […]

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Ruby & Diamond Halo Ring

Ruby and Diamond Halo Ring

Every precious stone has its own story and origins.  The Ruby in this engagement ring had its origins in Myanmar and was gifted to the recipient as […]

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Purple Sapphire Engagement Ring, Guthrie's Jewellers, Auckland

Purple Sapphire Engagement Ring

A purple sapphire engagement ring, set in a platinum diamond band. This design, featuring a pear cut sapphire is elegant yet striking, with a unique point […]

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Tourmaline Engagement Ring Commission by Guthrie's Jewellers

Tourmaline Engagement Ring

A tourmaline engagement ring with a modernest style,  featuring a vivid green emerald cut Brazilian tourmaline.  The stone’s translucent deep green colour is set in a […]

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Tourmaline Dress Ring Crafted by Guthrie's Jewellers

Modernist Dress Ring

Guthries are known for beautiful hand crafted jewellery and sourcing unique gemstones from around the world. Which is exactly what my client had in mind.  A green […]

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Princess Cut Dress Ring - Guthrie's Jewellers Past Commission

Princess Cut Dress Ring

A diamond princess cut ring, which features a princess cut which is framed by two trillion cut diamonds, set in platinum.  This cut of diamond was […]

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