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Browse our portfolio of unique diamond jewellery commissions. Diamonds are considered the premier gemstone in crafting fine jewellery due to their longevity. The phrase “A Diamond is Forever” actually holds a lot of truth.

As these gemstones are very high on the Mohs Scale for hardness they do not abrade overtime. And of course the alluring, classic sparkle is desired by many the world over, even as a complimentary gemstone or side stone these are a great option.

Ruby & Diamond Halo Ring

Ruby and Diamond Halo Ring

Every precious stone has its own story and origins.  The Ruby in this engagement ring had its origins in Myanmar and was gifted to the recipient as […]

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Princess Cut Dress Ring - Guthrie's Jewellers Past Commission

Princess Cut Dress Ring

A diamond princess cut ring, which features a princess cut which is framed by two trillion cut diamonds, set in platinum.  This cut of diamond was […]

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Lucida Style Halo Engagement Ring

Lucida Halo Engagement Ring

In the style of Art Nouveau a round brilliant diamond with halo engagement ring, set in platinum.  The central round brilliant diamond is slightly elevated to […]

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Classic Solitaire Guthrie's Jewellers

Classic Solitaire

“A classic solitaire” is the epitome of a well designed engagement ring.  The design is a favourite that has stood the test of time over many […]

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Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

An Emerald Cut diamond has clean parallel lines, displaying translucent and simple qualities that draws your eye deep within the diamond. Our client wanted the timeless […]

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Oval Rub Over Ring

An Oval cut engagement ring incorporating a rub over setting for the central oval cut diamond. Jewellery design through the various era’s offers inspiration for this […]

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Our Bespoke Service

Do you have an exciting new acquisition in mind? Learn about how you can turn your dreams into reality with our bespoke jewellery service. Trust in our five decades of experience. Commission an item with Guthrie’s Jewellers today.

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Learn About Guthrie's Bespoke Jewellery Service
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Expert Guidance

You don’t have to be an expert to commission an item of jewellery with Guthrie’s. With that being said approaching the process with an informed outlook is rightfully sought by many clients. In this series we outline some of the key decisions when crafting an item of jewellery.

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