Tourmaline Dress Ring Crafted by Guthrie's Jewellers

Modernist Dress Ring

Dress Ring

Guthries are known for beautiful hand crafted jewellery and sourcing unique gemstones from around the world. Which is exactly what my client had in mind.  A green Emerald Cut Sapphire, worthy of a beautiful engagement ring for his partner.

Going on the brief given to us by him, his partner likes a slightly contemporary style.  Not fussy or two bold.  Something more understated that would wear well, both in terms of design style and wearability.

We had a superb,  modified Emerald Cut Green Sapphire – slightly olive green with forest green undertones in stock.  The Emerald cut Sapphire provides light filled pavilion facets, giving a translucent quality to the gemstone, allowing visibility deep into the stone.

This gemstone was set in a rich 18ct yellow gold  with what is known as an interrupted half rub over setting at the base of the stone, to provide security and strength for the gem.   A small rounded bar setting was positioned at the top of the stone allowing visibility from three sides of the setting, and into the long elegantly cut pavilions of this Green Sapphire.  A simple contemporary straight profile band was chosen for its simplicity, not to detract from the Deco inspired ring setting.

Like all gemstones, green sapphire has its own meaning and history. It’s known as the stone of tranquility and is associated with characteristics such as trust, loyalty and integrity. People often think of green sapphire jewellery as encouraging thoughtfulness, calmness, love and rest.

Green sapphires can be cut just like a diamond, but the most popular are cushion, emerald, oval, and round. Along with choosing a beautiful cut, you should look for a shade of green that you truly love.

Green or blue-green sapphire gems are often faceted and cut in the round brilliant shape, but other fancy shapes are possible.  There are square, pear, trillion, cabochon, round, emerald cut, oval, cushion, and heart shaped stones  that are often available as well.

The green or blue-green hue comes from the presence of iron (FE) in the crystal. Because of the presence of the iron, the green or blue-green sapphire  has a higher density than most other sapphires thus making the green or sapphire mineral the second most dense gemstone known to man. The green sapphire gemstone is also known as the stone of tranquility.