Emerald and Baguette Dress Ring

Dress Ring

This ring was first commissioned in the 1980’s by our client. An emerald was the desired precious stone chosen by our client for its intense and translucent green and as she had a significant birthday coming up, her desire was turned into a reality.

Her brief was a ring to wear everyday. Not too elaborate, but to show off the diamonds and emerald to their best. A design that was practical and protected the emerald, a stone that does not tolerate exposure to heavy knocks.

The request was for a traditional style ring, using the richness of 18ct yellow gold. A rope edge was fabricated to give the wearer a soft edge for comfort and a distinct style. A fine gold inner band was crafted to sit against the woven gold, providing a secure setting for the graduated Diamond Baguettes. The graduation in size of the diamonds, giving a tapered band to provide comfort on the underside of the finger and a ring of elegant proportions.

The diamonds were set in a channel and the stones tightly interlocking, to give a continuous diamond sparkle around the band of gold.