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Explore our commissions using rubies. Ruby Ring’s are a favourite for many clients but these gemstones make a fantastic option for earrings, pendants and more. We have even at times set these along side diamonds in a tennis bracelet.

Rubies are rich in red and are beautiful gemstones for the purpose of fine jewellery. In the gemstone family corundum, which also holds sapphire Rubies are rarer then their sister gemstone.

This makes rubies even the more desirable, stunning and alluring by nature this gemstone has captured the hearts of many the world over. What’s more rubies are a durable, life long gemstone making them perfect for becoming a family heirloom.

Ruby & Diamond Halo Ring

Ruby and Diamond Halo Ring

Every precious stone has its own story and origins.  The Ruby in this engagement ring had its origins in Myanmar and was gifted to the recipient as […]

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