Unique Commissions


Some favourite commissions of items using Sapphire’s. Sapphire Jewellery is a favourite with many, the most common being a beautiful vivid blue. Sapphire does in-fact come in many colours, including green, yellow and pink.

Sapphire, along with Ruby is in the gemstone family corundum, measuring 9 on the moh’s scale for hardness. This means sapphire is a very durable gemstone, perfect for a lifetime piece of jewellery.

Because of this, these gemstones are a favourite for engagement rings, along with diamonds.

Purple Sapphire Engagement Ring, Guthrie's Jewellers, Auckland

Purple Sapphire Engagement Ring

A purple sapphire engagement ring, set in a platinum diamond band. This design, featuring a pear cut sapphire is elegant yet striking, with a unique point […]

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