Unique Commissions

Vintage Inspired

Browse our collection of Vintage Inspired Jewellery. These commissions take inspiration from era’s gone by, such as art deco, the hip 70’s and others. The allure of such era’s capturing fascination ones imagination.

We enjoy adding a modern twist to many of these pieces, bringing them up to present day, and ensuring they remain timeless well into the future. There are many era’s that inspire us, including Art Nouveau, Victorian, Georgian Belle Epoque and more.

Deco Inspired Emerald Halo Ring

They say green is the colour of envy.  Who could not envy this beautiful ring designed and fabricated for our client of some years for her significant […]

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Ruby & Diamond Halo Ring

Ruby and Diamond Halo Ring

Every precious stone has its own story and origins.  The Ruby in this engagement ring had its origins in Myanmar and was gifted to the recipient as […]

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Learn About Guthrie's Bespoke Jewellery Service

Our Bespoke Service

Do you have an exciting new acquisition in mind? Learn about how you can turn your dreams into reality with our bespoke jewellery service. Trust in our five decades of experience. Commission an item with Guthrie’s Jewellers today.

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Learn About Guthrie's Bespoke Jewellery Service
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Expert Guidance

You don’t have to be an expert to commission an item of jewellery with Guthrie’s. With that being said approaching the process with an informed outlook is rightfully sought by many clients. In this series we outline some of the key decisions when crafting an item of jewellery.

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