Deco Inspired Emerald Halo Ring

Dress Ring
Vintage Inspired

They say green is the colour of envy.  Who could not envy this beautiful ring designed and fabricated for our client of some years for her significant birthday.  The love of Emeralds was a long standing affair and she finally got her dream Special Occasion ring.

This bespoke commission was lovingly hand crafted by our skilled jeweller, using Platinum which is considered the premier precious metal type.

A Deco inspired design uses round brilliant diamonds nine aside, graduated in size and bead set detailing.  The straight baguette cut diamonds set top and bottom of this ring accentuate the deco styling.  Our jeweller used beads of platinum at the top of each diamond on the outer edge and bars of platinum, where the diamonds meet the emerald, which gives added protection to this magnificent stone and is also a point of difference in the detailing.