Ruby & Diamond Halo Ring

Ruby and Diamond Halo Ring

Vintage Inspired

Every precious stone has its own story and origins.  The Ruby in this engagement ring had its origins in Myanmar and was gifted to the recipient as a token of thanks for great kindness given by a stranger to another complete stranger.

This Ruby was stowed away until such times as a significant reason was decided upon, to transform this loose stone to a very special engagement ring for a very special lady.  And so the story continues.

Our client presented the loose stone to us, requesting a traditional style engagement ring.  We suggested the addition of a halo of round brilliant diamonds to showcase his ruby.  Fine gold of 18 ct. yellow was the perfect precious metal, rich in colour, beautiful for our jeweller to hand work, a strong resilient precious metal that also has the unique characteristics of being malleable to the jewellers hands and tools.

One of the most popular traditional jewellery stones, ruby is exceptionally durable and is chosen for Fine Jewellery for this exceptional hard wearing quality. Its colours — always red — can reach vivid levels of saturation giving a depth of intense blood red colour.   Fine-quality rubies are some of the most expensive gemstones available worldwide.

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