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About Our Ring Design Guide

We place great value on crafting an engagement ring that is special to you. This ring design guide informs you of the finer details in selecting the perfect design for you. 

When it comes to choosing your design it’s important to remember less is more, and to keep your design timeless. With that being said small details can go a long way, we discuss some of the options below.

Note: One of the key elements in the design of a ring is the shape of diamond or gemstone, we’ve created a separate guide for this which you can view here.

A Four Claw Solitaire Engagement Ring
Four Claw Solitaire Engagement Ring
A Six Claw Solitaire Engagement Ring.
Six Claw Solitaire Engagement Ring

Solitaire Ring Designs

Starting with the most classic of designs a solitaire or a single stone design is the most timeless popular option for most engagement rings.

Solitaire’s are a great option for client’s with delicate hands and long fingers, matched with the right shape of diamond such as oval or pear these designs can really elongate the finger.

To add a special touch to these designs we suggest matching this with a unique diamond shape, such as an emerald or marquise. Alternatively some clever detailing in the setting can add a personal touch.

Three Stone Engagement Ring Design in Yellow Gold
Our Classic Three Stone Setting
A Three Stone Engagement Ring Design With Side Stones
Three Stone With A Detailed Setting

Three Stone Ring Designs

Three stone designs are a timeless option with a point of difference. This style, while commissioned less frequently, has never gone out of fashion. 

If you’re looking for a unique engagement ring, the three stone settings are a great option for clients with larger ring finger size. A three stone ring also gives an increased total diamond weight, in three separate Diamonds. This is a clever way to acquire the increased overall diamond carat weight. Delivering both the superb visual impact of your three stone design and also gives excellent value for money.

Our classic three stones designs have a point of difference so we recommend keeping your design classic. The less is more approach, although you may want to consider adding a unique touch to the setting detail, such as claw shapes.

Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Design
An Emerald Cut Ring with Baguette Shoulder Stones
Marquise & Pear Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Design
A Marquise Cut Ring with Pear Shoulder Stones

Shoulder Stone Ring Designs

A shoulder stone design is a solitaire with two accenting diamonds or gemstones.

The addition of side stones, whether these are diamonds, rubies, sapphires, or emeralds to name a few – will take your engagement or special occasion ring, to the next level of luxury.

These designs can feature many different shapes of shoulder stones, however our two particular favourites are baguette diamonds, and pear shape diamonds.

Whether your hand is petite, or you are blessed with long fingers – the three stone design is flattering to all.

Round Brilliant Halo Engagement Ring with Rub over
A Halo With a Channel Set Band
Claw Set Halo Engagement Ring Design
A Classic Halo Design

Halo Ring Designs

A halo design features a ‘solitaire’ stone set within a ‘halo’ of smaller stones. This setting is a great way to compliment a single stone. 

Placing a ring of smaller diamonds around a centre stone has the added benefit of protecting the centre stone, which is particularly advantageous for softer gemstones such as an emerald, or a pear cut diamond which can be prone to chipping on impact.

It is important to note that halo settings require expert consideration in design, to result in the correct proportions to centre stone within the halo. A perfectly proportioned ring is essential.

Art Deco Engagement Ring Design with Emerald Cut Diamond
Art Deco Inspired Engagement Ring
Horizontally Set Emerald Cut Sapphire Ring.
Horizontally Set Sapphire Ring

Further Ring Design Options

Of course, there are many designs that don’t quite fit into the above categories, however are still great option for your partner. You may wish to consider an art deco design, or a rub over.

It’s best to discuss more bespoke designs in store with our friendly team, remember you don’t need to be an expert or have a clear cut design in mind, this is a process that is unique to each couple.